Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
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Pre Sale Questions

1.Yes, you can receive a standing prescription, and you can use this to get a standing desk via insurance. Your insurance will cover the cost of your workstation as long as you have a valid prescription and the item falls within the insurance's margins. Make sure to read the insurance policies carefully while buying a standing desk for your home office.
2.All dual motor tables are guaranteed for 5 years and single motor for 2 years.

No, in fact, a decent electric standing desk will cut standby power usage from the average 1-2W to an industry-leading maximum of 0.1 W to save energy and minimize carbon emissions. This means that the standing desk is exceptionally environmentally friendly. Do not get confused if someone says that the electric standing desk consumes a lot of power.

In general, the ideal height for a standing desk is at elbow level. This entails measuring the distance between the floor and the bottom of your elbows, ensuring your elbows are 90 degrees from the floor. This is the height at which the desk should be constructed. However, the desk's ideal size varies with the height of the users. It can be hard to find a standing desk that is entirely suitable for you. In this case, buy a standing desk to get the most comfortable height for you.
Yes, students should use an automatic standing desk for their study corner. Research conducted by Texas A&M University discovered that standing increased attention, creativity, on-task behavior, and classroom participation when they offered primary school pupils stand-up desks. So to increase the level of concentration and alertness, we recommend students use electric standing desks for better school performance and correct posture to prevent future health problems.
Gamers should use a standing desk to relieve back, neck, and shoulder discomfort, boost energy expenditure and improve posture when they are gaming. These factors assist gamers by freeing them of other worries that might be distracting them, enhancing their performance so they can only focus on what's happening during gameplay. Gamers who play competitively may need extra support because it is essential for staying alert throughout an entire match or competition at top levels. In this case, an automatic standing desk is highly beneficial to gamers.
Yes. Standing instead of a sitting desk can lower your risk of weight gain by burning roughly 50 additional calories every hour on average, compared with sitting. All the little movement when you stand also expends energy and activates your muscle mass, burning calories. This helps prevent weight gain. Therefore, a standing desk is beneficial if you are looking forward to burning some extra calories.
The desk top you choose should be within the range of 45 - 80 inches long and 26 - 32 inches wide.
Yes. All theFrames come with a hardware kit included.
Yes. Our standing desk is compatible with standard 110 volts - 240 volts outlets. Both currents are automatically converted by the desk. US orders are installed with the standard two-prong plug. For international orders, we convert the plug to the type used by the destination country.
Go with the dual motor standing desk frame which can rise up to 52 inches (with top). One of our team is 6’5 and uses it comfortably everyday!
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