Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D7

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Color: Black
Desktop Color: WIth Desktop

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10-Year Warranty

All dual-motor tables come with a 10-year guarantee, while single-motor tables are covered for 5-year.

Smart Anti-collision Technology
D7 automatically detects obstacles and automatically avoids them when encountering them to prevent collisions and scratches.



Dual Motors Design
The D7 is equipped with powerful dual motors and a Bosch electronic control system that seamlessly and quietly adjusts the desk height at a rapid speed of 1.6 inches per second, facilitating swift transitions between sitting and standing positions. There's no need to wait around.


Sturdy & Stability

The D7 frame is expertly forged from heavy-duty steel with a 3-stage leg design, ensuring a more stable structure and a maximum loading capacity of 300 lbs. Coupled with a 10-year warranty, the robust legs and feet bolster the standing desk's overall quality and durability.

Low Noise

The formidable dual-motor configuration of the D7 delivers ample power while maintaining a low-noise operation, creating a tranquil working environment to nurture uninterrupted creativity.


Customizable Heights
D7 is designed to accommodate various users by enabling the desktop to be smoothly raised or lowered to a personalized and ergonomic working height.


Programmable Options
D7 offers adaptability and personalized control over the device's functions, providing programmable options tailored to various situations or user preferences.

Sedentary Reminder
The long-term alert function ensures that our physical well-being is prioritized, allowing us to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly every day.

D7 Parameter

Bosch Motor Dual-motor
Adjustable Height 23.6”-49”
Adjustable Width 40.3 ” -70.8 ”
Applicable Desktop 44.3”-74.9” Width
Loading Capacity 350lbs
Product Weight 66lbs
Lifting Sound ≤50db
Lifting Speed 1.6"/s
Smart Anti-collision Technology Yes
Sedentary Reminder Yes


D7 Size

(Frame Only)
D5 D1 D7 S1 S3
Motor Dual-motor Dual-motor Dual-motor Single-motor Single-motor
Adjustable Height 27.2"- 46.4" 26.9"- 46.1" 23.6"- 49" 26.8"- 46.0" 26.8"- 46.0"
Adjustable Width 40.4"- 70.9” 45.6 "- 66.9 ” 40.3"- 70.8 ” 36.2"- 51.7" 36.2"- 51.7"
Applicable Desktop 44.4-77" Width 49.6"- 70.9" Width 44.3"- 74.9" Width 40.1"- 55.6"Width 40.1"- 55.6"Width
Loading Capacity 230lbs 226lbs 350lbs 204lbs 207lbs
Product Weight 50.52Ibs 51lbs 66lbs 40lbs 45lbs
Lifting Sound ≤50db ≤50db ≤50db ≤50db ≤50db
Lifting Speed 1"/s 1"/s 1.6"/s 1"/s 1"/s
Smart Anti-collision Technology Yes No Yes No No
Sedentary Reminder No No Yes No No
Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D7

Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D7

$500.00 $419.00

Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D7

$500.00 $419.00
Color: Black
Desktop Color: WIth Desktop

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
kim matus
Great Support! Don't buy from Amazon

I ran into a motor failure twice. I originally purchased 2 desks on Amazon at the same time. 1 has worked then but when I first got it I was getting E00 errors and then 1 year later another E00. I tried to reach out to the seller on Amazon and they would not reach out. I escalated the issue on Amazon and still haven't gotten any information.

On the side I reached out to the support team (Lisa) for assistance and they were able to help me with a new set after troubleshooting. Unfortunately after troubleshooting I kept getting E00 errors too. Mind you I had a 5 year warranty (stated from Amazon). and this was the second time it happened

consider buying from the site as amazon is not a good representation.
contact support - provide much information/proof as possible (videos, photos)

still unsure why I got the errors twice in the past ~2 years.

Personally I love the desk but I ran into the issue twice .... reason for 3 star

Factory Reset Instructions:
Connect cable after 30 seconds
Hold UP and DOWN until it flashes
IF it WORKS ---- you will see the current height setting

IF NOT --- contact support, follow up with error code and send a video!!

Terry Darst
Love it.

Exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for your purchase and praise, your experience is very important to us, thank you, have a good day。

Way Better than I expected

I did a lot of research but I was still nervous about spending $200+ on a motorized desk base from a company I have never heard of, but I am pleasantly surprised. Very quick shipping, easy assembly and this desk is quiet. Even when raised almost to the top limit, the desk is still very stable. I would give 4.5 rating if it were an option and the only reason is that the USB port on the control pad is not updated to USB type C.

Lisa M.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the unit I received. I picked this adjustable standing desk frame strictly based on price with the expectation that I would probably be making compromises in other areas, and so far I havent found any. The adjustment range is great, assembly was straightforward, the instructions were fine, and everything was well labeled and well packaged. It even had a name brand (Bosch) motor controller. If your building a standing deal with your own custom top, this is the way to go.

John P Henry

I'm amazed at how tall these legs go. It's pretty solid. I couldn't get it to work at first with just fiddling around, but I read the booklet and learned that I had to "reset" the system by lowering it to the lowest setting and doing it again until I heard a beep. Then it worked normally. I def would recommend this. I bought a Williamsburg Acacia butcher block that's pretty heavy and this lifts this table up with ease. I did cut it down to 71" in length but it still weighs a lot.