Our Story

Since its establishment in 2012, AITERMINAL has been a company driven by technological innovation. Our professional product engineers and designers have been pursuing the perfect smart office furniture products for 10 years, and have helped us evolve into an international B2C e-commerce company. We've looked back on our founding years countless times before it became clear that helping users work more efficiently and healthily was our constant pursuit. As a result, we delayed the release of our products many times, and in order to achieve this pursuit, we tested, optimized, pilot produced, tested again, optimized again, and finally, we polished the latest smart standing desk."When our bodies feel better, we feel more connected to our work, the people around us, and the environment." --Kevin Lee, founder. When Kevin first tested the AITERMINAL desk, it marked not only the end of his back pain but the beginning of AITERMINAL's vision and mission.


Whether you are a designer, an engineer, an operations specialist or a customer service agent;

Whether you are strict and like to be tidy, or lively and creative;

You are who we value and you are who we want to protect - protect your waist and your back, because nothing is more important than being healthy and working better.

Emotional and relational values are the basis of brand loyalty. AITERMINAL needs to convey the idea - no matter who you are, no matter what kind of work habits you have, your needs and habits can be met and adapted because of our professionalism and the intelligent features of our products - in order to provide emotional values to our users and audiences, i.e. "we value you" "intelligence is for healthier and better work". It's not just about selling our products, it's about serving more users and helping them believe that health is fair for all, regardless of gender, age, status, personality, etc.


Innovation and creativity is what we are built on. We are a group of professionals with many years of experience, and with the support of many data and feedback, we are able to maintain constant innovation in the functionality and design of existing products and create new ones. And create combinations between different features. Our inspiration to stay innovative and creative comes from a constant exchange of ideas, whether it's technology, materials, functional design, cosmetic design, or the latest functional requirements in the market, our team members discuss and focus good ideas to form inspiration for subsequent product

AITERMINAL's products use Bosch drive motors, an advantage far ahead of other brands, which is the guarantee of our products' excellent performance. However, our strategy is not to create high-end products, but to offer a higher price/performance ratio, keeping the price at the middle to high end, but with one of the best performance among all products

Ergonomics is a direction we have been considering since before the brand was established, especially after entering the office furniture industry, desks and chairs need a high degree of ergonomics in order to bring users a comfortable experience. Moreover, our products have to take into account the need to keep users healthy, so we optimize our products from biology, engineering and material science

Intelligence is the core value of AITERMINAL. As a group of professionals in the smart furniture industry, we have cutting-edge technology and an attitude that dares to innovate out of the box. Wisdom does not mean freeing hands, but a state of harmony and cooperation between man and machine, and always when it is needed most, the intelligent functions of the machine give help and bring positive changes to people or organizations.

Standing desks have emerged precisely to relieve the pressure on people's lumbar spine and back, which is closely related to the health of all workers. AITERMINAL always pays attention to the user's health, from the material to the structure, and the safety consideration of the corresponding function