Electric Standing Desk with Ultra-White Glass Touch Screen-D6

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Desktop Material: Ultra-White Tempered Glass
Desktop Size: 46"W×27"D

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10-Year Warranty

All dual-motor tables come with a 10-year guarantee, while single-motor tables are covered for 5-year.

Contemporary Aesthetics & Technological Innovation

The D6 perfectly embodies the seamless fusion of modern fashion and cutting-edge technology. Its tempered glass desktop, featuring a touch-button design and wireless charging functionality, harmoniously integrates technology with style. Moreover, the one-click lock function effortlessly resolves issues arising from accidental touches.

Smart Anti-collision Technology
D6 automatically detects obstacles and automatically avoids them when encountering them to prevent collisions and scratches.


 & Stability

D6 frame is meticulously crafted from heavy-duty steel, guaranteeing a stable structure and a maximum loading capacity of 176 lbs, capable of accommodating all your daily essentials. Paired with a 10-year warranty, the sturdy legs and feet enhance the standing desk's overall quality and durability.

Dual Motors Design & Low Noise

Dual-motor configuration of the D6 provides ample power, all while operating at a noise level below 50 decibels. D6 seamlessly and quietly adjusts the desk height at a rapid speed of 1 inch per second, facilitating swift transitions between sitting and standing positions.


Customizable Heights
D6 is designed to accommodate various users by enabling the desktop to be smoothly raised or lowered to a personalized and ergonomic working height.


Programmable Options
D6 offers adaptability and personalized control over the device's functions, providing programmable options tailored to various situations or user preferences.



D6 Parameter

Motor Dual-motor
Adjustable Height 27”-46”
Smart Anti-collision Technology Yes
Applicable Desktop 23.5”-47.3” Width
Loading Capacity 226lbs
Product Weight 83lbs
Lifting Sound ≤50db
Lifting Speed 1"/s
Wireless Charger Yes
Sedentary Reminder Yes
Lock Function Yes

(With desk top)
S2 S6 D6
Motor Single-motor Single-motor Dual-motor
Adjustable Height 27.1"- 46.3” 27.1"- 46.3” 27”- 46”
Wireless Charger No No Yes
Applicable Desktop 23.6"- 47.2” 23”-45”  23.5”-47.3” 
Loading Capacity 154lbs 130lbs 176lbs
61lbs 79lbs 83lbs
≤50db ≤50db ≤50db
1"/s 1"/s 1"/s
Smart Anti-collision 
No Yes Yes
Lock Function No No Yes
Sedentary Reminder No No Yes
Electric Standing Desk with Ultra-White Glass Touch Screen-D6

Electric Standing Desk with Ultra-White Glass Touch Screen-D6

$399.00 $289.00

Electric Standing Desk with Ultra-White Glass Touch Screen-D6

$399.00 $289.00
Desktop Material: Ultra-White Tempered Glass
Desktop Size: 46"W×27"D

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Very hesitant about getting this desk as Ive been shopping for one for a while. I was concerned about the glass top being cracked upon arrival. But when I received it, not only was the table super easy to assemble, but it works very well. The flat buttons, wireless charger on the table, and extra plugs on the side is sooo cool! It raises up and goes down at the perfect speed, and is not noisy. I couldnt be more happy with the purchase!


I only had this table for a couple of days and I am already loving it! Until now I am still working full time from home. A lot times I get lower back pain from sitting for a long time and so I decided to get a height adjustable desk.
The package was about 90lbs and I was able yo assemble it in about 30 minutes. The table looks nice and sturdy. I love that it has 3 height memory settings. And since the controls is on the table surface itself, dont worry about accidentally clicking on the controls because of the lock feature.
Also the USB, USB C and a couple power sockets on the side is a nice addition to keep the wire clutter more organized. The tiny drawer is also a plus! I currently use it to store the cables when not in use.
I hope the this table would last! I will update this review after a few months!


This UPS guy had a little difficulty bringing this item to my door as it is heavy for one person ... and I ordered two! The directions for putting the desk together are pretty much straight-forward and the parts are all packaged nicely. The desk has a tempered glass top but its packaging kept it nicely protected. Each desk took me approximately 20 minutes to put together by myself. I am highly impressed having the integrated buttons on the desktop glass itself for lowering/rising the top versus an electric box with physical buttons attached usually beneath the desktop. The desks are exactly what I was wanting and have formed an L for use in my work area. Warning: the desk also comes with a module for wireless charging for an iPhone (and assuming also for others) which I never got to work on either desk.

J. Outland
Great quality, smooth operation

This is a very solid table frame and goes up and down very smoothly.

I mounted Bora's Centipede Work Bench Table Top to mine and use it in workshop. I can easily change heights for outfeed table (table saw or planer) or work table for assembling projects.


At this point the wireless charging is useless. It only charges AirPods. It used to charge phones if out of the case.. not even 30 days later, it wont even charge the phones anymore. Definitely desk specific as every wireless charger we owns functions properly. Sometimes the touchpad isnt responsive. You have to tap it a few times just for it to respond. Other than that its still a pretty solid desk. I purchased mainly for the size and glass, so its still worth it
Assembly took me about 15 minutes to do by myself. 3 sets of screws with 1 extra for each set. Im 52 and not fit. I was able to flip it right side up with no assistance.
Delivery was fast. I used prime. Ordered Friday 3/4 and it arrived around 7am 3/7.
I have to remove my case for wireless charging. Which sucks because I have a super thin MagSafe case that works with every other wireless charger I own. Over all its not a big deal
Easy to initialize, the touch buttons take a few seconds to respond.
I have a 30 inch ultra wide monitor and a 13 inch MacBook Pro on a stand. They both fit on the desk by not nicely. Something to keep in mind. I may try mounting my monitor.
I have a ten keyless keyboard which fits nicely and leave room on both sides for my 11 inch iPad and mouse.
Im 52 and 39 is perfect for standing, 27.9 (lowest setting) for sitting in a standard office chair.
Box is heavy, so I opened the box in another room and carried them to their destination. Easy to open and packaged nicely.