Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D1

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Frame Color: Black
Desktop Color: Frame Only
Desktop Size: Frame Only

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10-Year Warranty

All dual-motor tables come with a 10-year guarantee, while single-motor tables are covered for 5-year.

Dual Motors Design
D1 is equipped with robust dual motors that elegantly and silently elevate the desk at a speed of 1 inch per second, enabling seamless shifts between sitting and standing postures.

Customizable Heights
D1 is designed to accommodate various users by enabling the desktop to be smoothly raised or lowered to a personalized and ergonomic working height.


Programmable Options
D1 offers adaptability and personalized control over the device's functions, providing programmable options tailored to various situations or user preferences.


Low Noise

The formidable dual-motor configuration of the D1 delivers ample power while maintaining a low-noise operation, creating a tranquil working environment to nurture uninterrupted creativity.


Sturdy & Stability

The frame of the D1 is crafted from heavy-duty steel, ensuring stability, with robust legs and feet that bolster the standing desk's overall quality and durability.


D1 Parameter

Motor Dual-motor
Adjustable Height 28.3”-47.5”
Adjustable Width 45.6 ” -66.9 ”
Applicable Desktop 49.6”-70.9” Width
Loading Capacity 226lbs
Product Weight 51lbs
Lifting Sound ≤50db
Lifting Speed 1"/s

D1 Size
(Frame Only)
D5 D1 D7 S1 S3
Motor Dual-motor Dual-motor Dual-motor Single-motor Single-motor
Adjustable Height 27.2"- 46.4" 26.9"- 46.1" 23.6"- 49" 26.8"- 46.0" 26.8"- 46.0"
Adjustable Width 40.4"- 70.9” 45.6 "- 66.9 ” 40.3"- 70.8 ” 36.2"- 51.7" 36.2"- 51.7"
Applicable Desktop 44.4-77" Width 49.6"- 70.9" Width 44.3"- 74.9" Width 40.1"- 55.6"Width 40.1"- 55.6"Width
Loading Capacity 230lbs 226lbs 350lbs 204lbs 207lbs
Product Weight 50.52Ibs 51lbs 66lbs 40lbs 45lbs
Lifting Sound ≤50db ≤50db ≤50db ≤50db ≤50db
Lifting Speed 1"/s 1"/s 1.6"/s 1"/s 1"/s
Smart Anti-collision Technology Yes No Yes No No
Sedentary Reminder No No Yes No No
Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D1

Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D1

$259.00 $169.00

Electric Standing Desk Frame with Dual Motors-D1

$259.00 $169.00
Frame Color: Black
Desktop Color: Frame Only
Desktop Size: Frame Only

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great addition to my office!!!

I have an executive office desk that I was going to get rid of. I decided to see if I could turn it into a stand-up desk Simon e that’s what I’ve been wanting. I removed all the screws that held the top of the desk to the base. I took this riser base and trimmed it down to fit underneath the knee well in my executive desk. I’ve attached the desk, and top to the riser and tested the desk. It works absolutely perfectly. The desktop is about 6 feet long and it houses two laptops on a 27-inch monitor. The desk riser does a fantastic job of lifting it up as you can see in the video and lowering it back down right where I want it. It took a desk that I would have thrown away and turned it into a very usable desk for me.

La Homa

Very Happy with the purchase! A+ quality


I set this up, by myself in under an hour. I was mid-way through building a desk frame when i decided I'd rather have a sit/stand desk. Found this, ordered it and about an hour after i'd started assembly i'd finished. I would suggest getting some cord management to help keep everything sorted as the desk goes up and down. I also got a surge protector to mount on the bottom of the desktop to keep everything super tidy.


Perfect standing desk. Very sturdy and good quality. You will not regret purchasing this item. The assembly was a little bit tricky just because the legs are on the heavy side. I did assemble it with someone but can be done alone.

Very sturdy, heavy steel, thick beam in the middle . Quality product

The quality of this dual motor frame was amazing, the motor works great, runs smooth, isnt too loud. Im very happy about spending about 250 on this frame . Hint: if you go to lowes and find a partially damaged plywood, theyll 50% off it, and cut it exactly how big you want it. Id also take into account, the left and right beams that lay vertically along the edges of the desk are about 21 5/8 inches long, so I knew I had to have at least a 22 inch wide tabletop, which is what I did, and honestly I always see table tops be 24 inches minimum most places, but this is perfect , no wobble, no overhang on the front or back edge and only .5 inch overhang on the sides of the tabletop. Thank you for a good product . Worth the bread.