Electric Standing Desk with Tempered Glass Tabletop-S6

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Desktop Material: Tempered Glass
Desktop Size: 45"W×23“D

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10-Year Warranty

All dual-motor tables come with a 10-year guarantee, while single-motor tables are covered for 5-year.

Smart Anti-collision Technology
S6 automatically detects obstacles and automatically avoids them when encountering them to prevent collisions and scratches.


Sleek & Contemporary Aesthetic

S6 embodies the essence of modern fashion and simplicity, effortlessly enhancing work and life. The desktop allows you to jot down and affix your ideas without being marred by smudges, maintaining its pristine, white appearance.

Sturdy & Stability

S6 frame is meticulously crafted from heavy-duty steel, guaranteeing a stable structure and a maximum loading capacity of 130 lbs, capable of accommodating all your daily essentials. Paired with a 5-year warranty, the sturdy legs and feet enhance the standing desk's overall quality and durability.

Low Noise

The formidable single-motor configuration of the S6 delivers ample power while maintaining a low-noise operation, creating a tranquil working environment to nurture uninterrupted creativity.



Customizable Heights
S6 is designed to accommodate various users by enabling the desktop to be smoothly raised or lowered to a personalized and ergonomic working height.


Programmable Options
S6 offers adaptability and personalized control over the device's functions, providing programmable options tailored to various situations or user preferences.


Single Motors Design
S6 is equipped with powerful single motors that seamlessly and quietly adjust the desk height at a rapid speed of 1 inch per second, facilitating swift transitions between sitting and standing positions.



S6 Parameter


Desktop Material Tempered Glass Wooden
Motor Single-motor Single-motor
Adjustable Height 27.1”-46.3” 27.5"-46.7"
Smart Anti-collision Technology Yes Yes
Applicable Desktop 23”×45” Width 23.6"×45.3" Width
Loading Capacity 180lbs 132 lbs
Product Weight 79lbs 66lbs
Lifting Sound ≤50db <50db
Lifting Speed 1"/s 1"/s
S6 Size

(With desk top)
S2 S6 D6
Motor Single-motor Single-motor Dual-motor
Adjustable Height 27.1"- 46.3” 27.1"- 46.3” 27”- 46”
Wireless Charger No No Yes
Applicable Desktop 23.6"- 47.2” 23”-45”  23.5”-47.3” 
Loading Capacity 154lbs 130lbs 176lbs
61lbs 79lbs 83lbs
≤50db ≤50db ≤50db
1"/s 1"/s 1"/s
Smart Anti-collision 
No Yes Yes
Lock Function No No Yes
Sedentary Reminder No No Yes
Electric Standing Desk with Tempered Glass Tabletop-S6

Electric Standing Desk with Tempered Glass Tabletop-S6

$359.00 $249.99

Electric Standing Desk with Tempered Glass Tabletop-S6

$359.00 $249.99
Desktop Material: Tempered Glass
Desktop Size: 45"W×23“D

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Customer Reviews

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Ryn eaton
Buy buy buy

This is a staple


All in all I really like the desk, I love that I can select and remember the previous height settings. It's pretty spacious and generally very aesthetically pleasing. The 2 things I dislike however, are that the tempered glass top scratches quite easily and the anti collision feature does not work as stated. Well not with the desk I purchased at least. But as i stated mentioned previously all in all I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. I'm using this desk as a nail table by the way... so the height adjustment capability is perfect for clients that ate either really short or tall.


This desk is fantastic, not only is it beautiful but the quality is absolutely excellent. You can adapt the height to whatever you prefer


My husband got it for me,doesnt match with my furniture but I JUST LOVE IT ! Everything its as advertising.